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Our Participants Continue to Flourish

Faithful messengers are as refreshing as snow in the heat of summer. They revive the spirit of their employer. Pr 25:13 

I ran across this verse – It reflects the spirit of our current Jubilee Services team – Monty, Ray and Antoine.  ALL 3 have stepped up to higher levels of responsibility and performance – both work AND relationship performance.  They are “messengers of our cause” for the capabilities of Jubilee Services to the customers they are working for – as a result our work is flourishing and new customers are being attracted to us!  The relationship between them all is improving, real teamwork, problem solving and leadership is emerging and they are developing new ways to effectively deal with stress – the acid test of personal growth!

Monty Butler has stepped out of his shell, he is a positive contributor in all of our meetings, he can be turned loose on a job site and performs excellently – customers notice his hustle and his team mates respect his calm approach and humor.  He is also expressing real interest in taking on leadership roles

Ray Godfrey has stepped up to an important leadership role – he is our first member to work for a partner business (BA Landscaping) while continuing his participation in Life Bridge Academy.  His performance will open the door for others to follow – this is a big step for us since it will open up more jobs faster than us creating our own.  Ray also identified the need for another employee and is in the process of finding a qualified candidate that first meets our spiritual requirements.

Antoine Whitney is excelling in both his ability to represent Jubilee Services well to our customers and he has taken a great leap of faith to make a personal commitment to learning new leadership styles.  He is leading the work with a new customer HRP that is managing the $30,000,000 Carter Carburetor EPA superfund site.  He took his crew with one days notice onto the site to clean up trash and weed overgrowth in preparation for a major EPA inspection.  This is a major event for the customer, and Antoine’s team is not disappointing them.  Faced with the challenge of being asked to do even more days of work before the deadline and keeping all our other customer’s satisfied, Antoine on his own negotiated with the customer and our other customers to find a “win-win”  solution. This work has the promise to lead to more work beyond this scope on this site and other HRP jobs – year round work.

All of us are so proud of what these men are doing and becoming

Be blessed – we are!