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Our Mission

We are a professional service company, passionate about serving our customers, with a social mission – transform lives using work as a classroom to set high standards for personal performance.  We have a triple bottom line – financial, social, spiritual.  Our income is used to train and equip men to do the right thing for themselves, their families, church and communities.  We operate on the “ladder” principle: As each man reaches up for the next rung of success they reach behind themselves and help the next man up


Construction Services

Commercial and residential customers benefit from our cost effective approach to being their solution provider.  Experienced project managers, tradesmen and team leaders are committed to your needs.  We meet our commitments, stet on the job until YOU say we are done and we have a history of building relationships by delivering results.


Landscaping Services

We are a full service landscaping solution provider serving high end residential and commercial property managers.  We can be your single source provider for all season services – cutting, feeding, weed control, landscape design/installation/maintenance, snow/ice control, spring and fall clean up as well as a full line of other outdoor services.


Why Use Us?

A fully insured contractor you can trust, run by trade and business professionals  passionate about what we do!  We are a “social enterprise” investing in people in this community.